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Three Years Later

Welcome to our new blog.

I wanted to introduce myself…

I am Heather DeForest, Opulent Blends’ Biggest Fan, Cheerleader and Team Leader, aka Marc’s wife ;). Marc and I have been together for seventeen years. We have shared many adventures through his entrepreneur spirit. Opulent Blends is by far my favorite! We’ve gotten to experience the excitement together through every step. We really are a family business. There is a good chance that any product you’ve received has been packaged and/or bottled by one of our three children. My mom works as our only full time employee at the shop as well. She does all our “cooking”.

How it all started…

Though Marc had been making our family bar soap for about a year or so, it wasn’t until January 2015 that our kitchen and laundry room literally became a “lab” ha-ha. We returned from a ski trip and literally that afternoon he said, “Cakes, I am going to make you some non-greasy lotion”…(my hands were in rough shape as you can imagine but I HATED using lotion because I felt the need to wash the “grease” off my hands as soon as I put it on). Voilà, Opulent Blends was born!!!

My involvement…

I started by just playing my usual role as supportive wife, providing feedback and ideas. It was simply by chance that my “role” expanded. In December 2015, one of our team members called in sick so Marc asked if I would help cover an event. I was not looking forward to it. It involved a lot of interactions and I am rather shy and introverted. BUT I ended up LOVING IT. I loved watching people experience our products for the first time. It’s a lot like cooking. There’s just a certain pride one has when others enjoy a meal they’ve created.

2016 - In January 2016, I decided to come on board (well as much as I could without slacking in my mommy and wifey duties, hehe) and take over the online side of things. Our online presence and numbers were terribly low, no matter how much we spent on marketing. I welcomed it as a challenge. I had NEVER been in direct selling or sales of ANY kind. I did A LOT of research and quickly learned the art of Facebook Parties. I taught myself how to use programs that I didn’t even know existed before. It’s been so fun watching the company grow from my efforts.

2017 - I took over the company for Marc in late December 2016. He was working on developing a new game that needed A LOT of his attention and Opulent was too distracting. I had so much BELIEF and PASSION for these products, I decided to volunteer my time and give Opulent Blends the attention it needs. While I used to focus on the "online" side of things, I added more to my plate. Now I had to give an equal amount of attention to retail stores, accounting, managing, etc.

2018 – Wow, running a business is challenging…and EXHAUSTING. My first year as Operator has been quite the experience and learning process. I’d like to think that I have succeeded more than I’ve failed, but I guess that depends on how you read the numbers. I can’t help but focus on the online side of things. I love personally engaging with our fans. They provide the motivation I need to continue working hard. PLUS, I am doing my best to perform like the same Stay at Home Mom I was before ;).

Opulent Blends’ has promising growth potential. However, I’ve accepted that I can’t do it alone. This year I will be focusing on growing a team. I would love for this company to be able to provide an outlet and/or opportunity for other stay at home moms. I LOVE that I was able to stay home with mine. Those are the memories I reflect on and cherish the most. Even still, I know what it’s like to also feel this “need” to “be more”, be “part of something BIGGER”. I can’t explain it. I don’t blame my husband, my family or society. It was a feeling that I know was 100% self-inflicted. I simply had these high expectations of myself that I alone had created. Opulent Blends satisfies that “need” for me. And surprisingly, it’s been so forgiving. I feel fortunate that I able run a business while still giving what’s needed to my family as well.

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  • Genevieve Wrobleski on

    I could not be happier with the hand soap and hand/foot cream. They smell fantastic and work as promised. True high quality.

  • Kimberly on

    Thank you for sharing your story! I was introduced to Opulent through a Facebook party and love the products so much I now order regularly. But I love that you are a small family business!

  • Amber Bremer on

    I love that you shared this story! I enjoy being more connected with your brand by knowing how you progressed over the years!

  • Elizabeth on

    Heather, your story is amazing! How great, to find a way to balance home and career, and to grow yourself. Congratulations!

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Love Opulent Blends overall! I am complimented often on not looking my age, I truly believe this is the key!

Fantastic moisturizer!

Mystery Box
Angelica S.
A Very Pleasing Surprise!

I was very pleased and blessed to receive my mystery box. The all natural household cleaner is an answer to prayer to help my family be more conscious of health and earthly friendly.

I also received a bottle of their Citrus Explosion Lotion. Normally lotion doesn't work for my family's skin type, but their infused Shea & Cocoa Butter does help get the job done.

I am open to try similar products. Thank you Opulent Blends for your diverse products .

Dear Angelica, I am so happy to see you are enjoying your mystery products :) Thanks for taking the time to write such lovely reviews!!!

Bar Soap - No Packaging
Angelica S.
Great Soap!

Though I mistook this soap for the misfit soap, I am still satisfied with my order. The smell, usage, quality and even shipping of the no package soap is excellent.

No package bar soap has been added to my list and I look forward to trying other scents. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Mystery Box
Stephanie G.
Awesome for sure 5 stars

Never disappointed. Always great product, wonderful and fast shipping.

Thank you so much.

I'm glad you enjoyed all the products you received in your mystery box :). It's always fun sharing some of my personal favorites!