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So, I typed the above title and I had to look it up real quick to be sure it’s even a word.  That is how scatterbrained I am these days.  Oh dear, where do I begin…

Well, let’s start with the fact that I have just under a hundred things to do, yet I have decided that it’s a great time to blog.  Goodness, I’m a mess.  And as I sit here with a wry smile on my face (knowing I should be digging knee deep into those other hundred things), I also want to avoid them.  So, here I am…STORY OF MY LIFE.

My problem:  I don’t know how to set small goals for myself.  I would be so much less overwhelmed if I just gave myself 3-5 tasks to complete today.  But instead, I see a “free day” and I want to do it ALL, which I have learned is simply impossible. Oh, and let’s add the “little things”, though they are really the “must dos”.  The house is a disaster.  Well, not really…it’s actually clean on a deep level.  It’s just “my areas” that are in complete disarray. 

  1. Let’s start with the kitchen. Well, it has shit everywhere…I mean everywhere.  Good luck finding a clean surface.  I have managed to move all my work/mom papers, planner and lap top to the kitchen island.  Great place, yeah?  Why I have moved my stuff from my desk nook to there? I have no idea, it just happens, ugh.  Then, there are the dishes.  Our dish washing drawers have decided to take some much needed time off (they are over 13 years old).  Though we do have a back-up, it is full at the moment.  Now, putting the dishes away is one of my teens’ few chores, but I keep forgetting to tell them to empty it. I don’t think about it until wee early in the morning (when I am in my cleaning mood) and they are sleeping.  And, I’ll be damned if “I” am going to empty that dish drawer.  So, it sits full another day as the kids hustle out in the morning to school or athletic activities.  Now, part of the blame of the kitchen being a horrible mess right now is Marc’s new found hobby: smoking meats.  Well, he decided to smoke some pork on Friday.  Oh, and he had this grand idea to make his own sauce too, hahahaha.  (((Let me write a little note about me: I DON’T COOK ON FRIDAYS!!!!  Why???  BECAUSE IT’S FRIDAY!!!  The last think I want to do is clean the kitchen on Saturday morning.)))….So, the kitchen is all out of sorts from that.  It would appear that Marc doesn’t like to clean the kitchen on Saturdays either (or Sundays, I’m guessing), hahaha.   

    1. Laundry: Just typing that word makes me edgy.  I managed to wash two loads on Friday, but I haven’t folded them.  There are two nice big piles on my closet floor calling my name.  I washed some sheets at some point last week as well, which have yet to be folded.  I have, however, relocated that basket onto the living room couch so I can ask for some help in folding those.  Marc and I both sat on the couch last night (me right next to that damn basket) and I didn’t dare mention it.  Nah, you can just do that tomorrow, I told myself. 

      1. Declutter/Decorate: Once I take care of tasks one and two, I might as well finish what I started a few weeks ago. I’m in the middle of changing my kitchen area décor and decluttering my laundry room.  Oh, and fall is here so I should start bringing in all those decorations.  Especially since the boys will be home today and I can use their muscles.
      1. Work: Speaking of boys, I can’t forget about that. I need to take full advantage of them being home for that too!  Now, if I just go over there and organize it a bit, I can actually have the boys get a lot done for me.  Yeah, I think that is where I will start….#4.

      Looks like I won’t be moving on to any BIG goals today, therefore I won’t even bother writing them down, sigh.  However, I just noticed that I managed to set a goal of ONLY FOUR TASKS for myself today.  Oh, and I completed a blog post (now I only have 99 “other things” to do, hah).  I think I should end on that.  I’m feeling some motivation.  I’m going to:

      • Jump out of bed, throw on some sweats and toss my hair up in a pony.
      • Take some pics of my chaos, upload them and post this blog.
      • Walk over to the shop and get started on #4.  That should take a few hours.
      • When I get back, the kids should be up and one of them will be the lucky winner of dish drawer duty (probably Aspen since I will be sending the boys to the shop). 
      • Tackle #1 and #2.  Doubtful that I will get to complete #3 since I promised to take Aspen and her friend to the movies at 5.  I tried to take them last night, but the party pooper at the ticket booth wouldn’t let them see Good Boys, unless I would stay.  I was way to tired to a 9:45PM movie.  .
      • Back to #3, I should be able to get the declutter part done, but will most likely decorate while the kids are at school tomorrow.  I will at least have the boys bring all the stuff in for me.

      Yay, I have a plan :)  Happy Sunday!

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