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Frequently Asked Questions

Why give Opulent Blends a try?
What separates Opulent apart from the companies that do actually use responsible, high quality ingredients are all the small, smart choices we make in formulating our products and making them by hand. It isn't enough just to make a natural product, it also has to be the best available at a reasonable price point. The small details matter and if you get them right, you achieve something amazing. I think you will agree, Opulent Blends is something special. Give us a try & Experience the Difference :)

How did Opulent Blends Start?
Opulent Blends started by making bar soap. Our family received an all-natural bar soap from a friend and loved it. After a lot of research, Marc started making bar soap and asked friends and family for feedback. Needless to say the feedback was good and from there Opulent Blends was born.

Are your products really safe and “natural”?
We take pride in knowing our products are good for YOU and our ENVIRONMENT! There are plenty of companies that make natural products and there are plenty of companies that "claim" to make natural products. It is important to read the ingredients. Our ingredients score really well on the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Scale…most being 1-2 and NOTHING over 3.

Are your products Organic?
No, we are not an Organic certified company. We produce a full line of HANDCRAFTED, RESPONSIBLY NATURAL, MOSTLY PURE VEGAN* personal care and home cleaning products. Our products do not contain any animal by-products, beeswax or petroleum based components. We are also committed to using the highest quality ingredients, never using perfumes, sulfates or parabens. We use the finest essential oils to scent our products giving our customers soft beautiful scents in everything we make.

*Note, our body butters, foot balm, body wash and conditioner are NOT PURE VEGAN.  They contain Silk Proteins.

Are your products really made in Kalamazoo?
Yes! All Opulent Blends products are hand crafted and made in Kalamazoo, MI (with the exception of our hand sanitizer) by real people! Our hand sanitizer is made at an FDA regulated facility. Please take a look at our Facebook page to see some videos of us in action!

Are your products good for certain skin conditions such as eczema?
None of our products have been scientifically tested...they are more like what you would find at a farmer's market. Therefore, I cannot really comment on the eczema. We have gotten AWESOME reviews from our fans saying the bar soaps and lotions, foot balm works great though. Here are links to read through https://www.facebook.com/pg/Opulentblends/reviews/

Do you offer a customer rewards program?
Yes, we have an AWESOME rewards program! Make sure you sign up and take advantage of it. If you forgot to sign up before you ordered, simply email us @ heather@agrestalhygienics.com and we will make sure you get the correct points added to your account.

How do I join Opulent Rewards?
Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you don't have one, create a store account to join today: https://www.opulentblends.com/account/register/

Do you offer a friend referral program?
Yes! Earn 1,000 Sudsie Bubbles for every new referral that successfully completes a first-time purchase through your referral link.

Do you offer a fundraising program?
We do! In fact, we have four options to choose from. To learn more, click here.

Do you charge for shipping?
· Shipping is FREE for orders over $60 (before tax and after discounts).
· $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping is available for all orders under $60.

When will my order ship?
We do our best to fulfill orders within two business days. We usually ship Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Do you ship outside the United States?
Sorry, not at this time.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. With this in mind, subject to the terms and conditions of this customer refund policy, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the any item purchased from us, you may return it for a refund or exchange. You can find our Customer Refund Policy here: https://www.opulentblends.com/pages/customer-refund-policy

How are customers notified of new products and promotions?
When you create a store account, you are automatically signed up to receive emails from Opulent Blends. On average, we send two emails a week. Of course, you are always welcome to follow the unsubscribe instructions included in all emails sent from Opulent Blends.

Do you plan on making deodorant?
Deodorant: We do not...Marc and I aren't fond of "natural" deodorants. He does make it, but just for us. We don't think it is "good enough" and don't want to hurt our brand name with negative reviews.

What company or kind of oils do you use in your products? Are they high quality?
We source our oils from multiple high volume vendors who only work with ethically sourced, high quality products. We would never use substandard ingredients in our products. Quality is our highest priority.

Are other scents available for samples?
Unfortunately, there is only one scent available in a sample size for each product. It’s not in our best interest to offer every scent in a sample for each product….would be BIG expense and too much inventory.

How long does a bottle of shampoo/conditioner last?
Since every person uses a different amount at a time and the number of washes vary per person, I can't really say how long our products would last an individual. They are 8 oz bottles so it would last the same amount of time that a different shampoo would last.


★ Customer Reviews

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885 reviews

Love Opulent Blends overall! I am complimented often on not looking my age, I truly believe this is the key!

Fantastic moisturizer!

Mystery Box
Angelica S.
A Very Pleasing Surprise!

I was very pleased and blessed to receive my mystery box. The all natural household cleaner is an answer to prayer to help my family be more conscious of health and earthly friendly.

I also received a bottle of their Citrus Explosion Lotion. Normally lotion doesn't work for my family's skin type, but their infused Shea & Cocoa Butter does help get the job done.

I am open to try similar products. Thank you Opulent Blends for your diverse products .

Dear Angelica, I am so happy to see you are enjoying your mystery products :) Thanks for taking the time to write such lovely reviews!!!

Bar Soap - No Packaging
Angelica S.
Great Soap!

Though I mistook this soap for the misfit soap, I am still satisfied with my order. The smell, usage, quality and even shipping of the no package soap is excellent.

No package bar soap has been added to my list and I look forward to trying other scents. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Mystery Box
Stephanie G.
Awesome for sure 5 stars

Never disappointed. Always great product, wonderful and fast shipping.

Thank you so much.

I'm glad you enjoyed all the products you received in your mystery box :). It's always fun sharing some of my personal favorites!