Dish Soap - Bulk Refill

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Dish Soap - Bulk Refill

64 Fluid Ounces

Limited Availability

Tough on grease and dried-on foods, our special formulation will leave your hands soft & moisturized. We use only all natural ingredients & essential oils to create the highest quality, most effective cleanser.

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Customer Reviews

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Great soap

Not your traditional sudsy soap but so much better at cutting through the grease. Great on the hands. Love having less chemicals in my life but still able to enjoy a great smelling product.

Our dish soap was easily the hardest product for me to switch to...I just LOVE bubbles when I was dishes lol. But, after using for a few years I don't even think about it anymore ;). - Heather

Give it a chance

I wasn't sure at first if I was going to like this dish soap mainly because it doesn't suds up as much as store brands. But I love it! Cleans really well and is great for soaking pans. Soaks the crud right off.

Thank you for giving our dish soap a chance and sharing such a lovely review Trudy. It took me a LONG time to get used to our dish soap as well. Takes a while to adjust to not having all that foam ;). - Heather

Another great product

Another great product from Opulent Blends. It cleans and love the smell. I would use it to wash my hands but I really love their hand soap as well

Love the way it cleans...

I was a little surprised about the lack of suds but this dish soap really cleans. I even tried it on a greasy dish and it came out
squeaky clean. I love the summer blend scent! The only reason I am giving this product a 4 rating is because while it smells great in the bottle, once you dilute it, you can no longer smell it. I was disappointed in that. Otherwise a great
product. I will order this dish soap again.

A Fan!

I just ordered a big bulk of the summer blend. This dish soap works really well. I don’t need to use a lot to get great results. Will keep buying!

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Smells and works great!

Winter in the midwest is rough on your skin and when you work in an industry where you are constantly washing your hands, it's even more difficult. I ordered this for my husband who is a chef and he loves it!


My mom gave me a sample as a gift and I loved it so much I ordered two big containers along with other products. I have always had these small bumps on my upper arms and no lotions have ever done anything about it. I just figured it was something I would deal with forever. I used this body butter before I went to bed just to see if I liked it and after two nights I realized those little bumps were going away.

5 star

I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner. The smell is fantastic and it makes my hair soft and it's great for my curls.❤

Nothing Compares!

From the scent, to the way it feels at the first touch, to how soft it makes your skin (without feeling greasy), this butter butter is amazing!

Love it

Love this shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels clean and not weighted down. Smells great too.