Foaming Silk Soap - Lavender Spearmint

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Foaming Silk Soap - Lavender Spearmint


Experience the unique, luxurious feeling of all natural soap with vitamins, extracts and essential oils. This foaming liquid silk soap will set a new standard for keeping your hands clean & hydrated.

If you would like to order our lavender spearmint foam soap in bulk, we have two options: 32 and 65 oz.

32 oz would be $24, 65 oz would be $45. (Both options will come with generic labels, not shown here)

Available for purchase until Friday, Sept. 6th.  Will ship week of Sept. 9th

Regular price $ 24.00 8.5 FL OZ $ 0.00


Not all liquid soaps are made the same. We use saponified vegetable fats scented with luxurious essential oils meticulously formulated to create the best product. One wash using our all natural product will change the way you think about washing your hands forever. Using zero detergents we have created the softest, silkiest and effective liquid soap. With a rich and bubbly lather you will wash away the dirt & grime with a clean rinse leaving your hands feeling soft, fresh and hydrated. You will never want to wash with anything else!

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Using safe and natural ingredients is important to us at Opulent Blends. To help you understand our formulations, the label ingredients and their more common names are listed below.

Ingredient Common Name
Water Water
Potassium Olivate Olive Oil Soap
Potassium Cocoate Coconut Oil Soap
Potassium Castorate Castor Oil Soap
Potassium Avocadate Avocado Oil Soap
Glycerin Glycerin
Propanediol N/A
Lavandula Angustifolia Lavender Oil
Panthenol ProVitamin B5
Sodium Glutonate Sodium Salt
Mentha Spicata Spearmint Oil
Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary Leaf Oil
Pogostemon Cablin Patchouli Oil
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose N/A